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Ethiopia: Oromo region defy state of emergency, killings continue

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (March 5, 2018) Towns in the restive Oromo region of Ethiopia has continued to defy a state of emergency declared in mid-February as a three-day “stay-at-home” strike began on Monday. The new wave of strikes in some parts the Oromo region had actually began last Friday when Parliament ratified the decree. The vote tally at ...

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Ethiopia: Regime military, security threaten MPs who may vote against martial law

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 28, 2018) TPLF army generals as well security and intelligence personnel had visited houses of MPs from door to door, threatening members of Ethiopia’s rubber stamp parliament not to vote against the state of emergency declared on February 16, 2018. Members of Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representatives, who are in recess, are holding an ...

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Europe speaks against martial law in Ethiopia

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 22, 2018) Countries across the globe continue to denounce the martial law declared in Ethiopia saying it curtails basic human rights and worsens the crisis in the country. Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, said today that her country, which is a long-time partner of Ethiopia, is concerned about the re imposition of the state ...

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