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ESAT Editor   

Use this email for
. Ideas and suggestions to improve our programs
. Forwarding reliable news and info

ESAT  Radio
+15713051637 (Listeners comment recording)

ESAT  Support Line
+1888 772 ESAT (3728)
. Reporting malfunctioning and mistakes to be corrected on our website
. Other issues related to technical matters
. Issues related to public relations or ideas to support ESAT

ESAT Sales & Marketing
. inquiries on advertising with ESAT TV, radio, website, social media
. ESAT merchandise sales
. Other issues related to Sales and Marketing

ESAT Human & Material Resource
Use this email to
. become a volunteer with ESAT (journalist, video editor etc)
. contribute technical materials to ESAT
. All issues related to human and material resource

ESAT International Support
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. If you are interested in forming an ESAT Support groups in your city or country
. To connect with the ESAT support group in your area
. All issues related to ESAT international support network