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Malawi nabs 66 Ethiopians for illegal entry

ESAT News (Dec 24, 2017) The Department of Immigration of Malawi said it has intercepted 66 Ethiopian nationals whom it said had attempted to enter the country illegally. The Ethiopians were nabbed last week in the mountains surrounding Phwezi, a location in the country’s Northern Region district of Rumphi, according to a report by Xinhuanet. Officials said that the Ethiopians ...

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Malawi arrests 66 Ethiopians exiles

ESAT News (December 7, 2017) Malawi’s Department of Immigration said it has apprehended 66 Ethiopians for entering the country illegally, according to a report by the Nyasa Times. But most Ethiopians flee their country because of widespread political persecution. The report said the Ethiopian immigrants were nabbed on Tuesday after a tip by some residents who spotted suspicious people in ...

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Malawi arrests eleven Ethiopians for illegal entry

ESAT News (October 19, 2017) Malawi police said they have arrested 11 Ethiopian nationals for entering the country illegally. Malawi24 reported quoting police that the 11 Ethiopians were arrested at Dzaleka Refugee Camp on Monday around 11 pm. Police received a tip that the Ethiopians have been locked in one of the houses within Dzaleka refugee camp. The Ethiopians revealed ...

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