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Groups urge U.S. Congress to pass rights resolution on Ethiopia

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (April 9, 2018) Ethiopian and international civic organizations and rights watchdogs urge the United States Congress to pass H. Res. 128, a resolution supporting respect for human rights and inclusive governance in the country. The call by five Ethiopian civic organizations and Human Rights Watch came a day ahead of a scheduled vote on the ...

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Congress to vote on Ethiopia resolution

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (April 5, 2018) The U.S. House of Representative will hold a vote on Tuesday on House Resolution 128, a.k.a. H. Res. 128, a resolution supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia. #BreakingNews: I’m happy to announce the #Hres128 will be on the Floor of the House of Representatives this coming Tuesday. ...

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Congress should call Ethiopia’s bluff and pass H. R. 128: says staff with Freedom House

ESAT News (October 17, 2017) U.S. – Ethiopia counterterrorism partnership should not stop Congress from passing H. R. 128, a resolution that supports respect for human rights in Ethiopia, and bullying tactics by the Ethiopian regime should not derail the process of passing the resolution, a staff with Freedom House said on Monday. “Counterterrorism partnership should not give Ethiopian authorities ...

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