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Ethiopia: Diplomatic community distressed about unfolding political turmoil

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (March 19, 2018) The diplomatic community in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa expressed concern over the political turmoil as well as crisis within the ruling EPRDF while a TPLF diplomat insist they should not worry about the situation and told them to “just calm down and do their job.” The diplomats were speaking at a forum ...

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TPLF officials told U.S. delegates state of emergency was decreed to “prevent a military takeover”: diplomatic sources

ESAT News (March 1, 2018) A delegate from the United States was told by TPLF officials that the state of emergency was necessary to “prevent a takeover of power by the military,” according to ESAT’s diplomatic sources. A diplomatic mission led by Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu was in Washington, DC few days before the declaration of the martial law on ...

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TPLF assigns senior members of the Front to ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions

  ESAT News (June 22, 2016) Ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions in most of the countries with significant diplomatic ties to Ethiopia have now been taken by senior members of the TPLF, it was learnt. The minority regime is replacing Ambassadors and diplomats from other ethnic groups with Tigrians. According to sources, Girma Biru, an Oromo, and ambassador of the ...

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