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Ethiopia: Activists held cyber campaign on remittances embargo

ESAT News (February 7, 2017) Ethiopian activists in the Diaspora today held a one day social media campaign to encourage compatriots continue the embargo on remittances send to the country. Organizers of the campaign believe remittance was one of the ways the regime sustains itself to cling to power. The hashtag motto “StarveTheTPLFBeast” was being widely shared on Facebook and ...

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Ethiopia: Worldwide task force calls for remittance embargo

ESAT News (January 2, 2018) A worldwide Ethiopian joint task force has called for Ethiopians in the Diaspora to stop sending remittance to the country through money transfer channels or reduce the amount they send in a bid to deny a repressive regime the hard currency it badly needs to survive. “The two-year long political and economic uncertainty is forcing ...

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