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Ethiopia: Charges brought against Abdi Illey and former INSA director

ESAT News (August 29, 2018) Former president of Ethiopia’s Somali region, Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Illey) has been brought to a court in Addis Ababa and charged with using armed groups that attacked and killed several innocent citizens and burnt churches. Illey was also charged with instigating violence that caused the displacement of thousands of people. Abdi Illey, who is ...

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Ethiopia: Regime targets dissidents, media abroad using commercial spyware

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (December 6, 2017) A new report revealed that the Ethiopian regime continues to spy on dissidents and media outlets abroad using a commercial spyware. According to a report by the Citizen Lab, targets include a US-based Ethiopian diaspora media outlet, the Oromia Media Network (OMN), a PhD student, and a lawyer. Citizen lab says one ...

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Ethiopia: Attack orchestrated by regime security against diplomats fails: intelligence sources

ESAT News (November 3, 2017) An attack masterminded by Ethiopian regime intelligence and security which was aimed at diplomats visiting a mega hydroelectric dam has failed as two of the soldiers tasked with the mission have disappeared, according to ESAT’s intelligence sources. According to the sources, the mission was to carry out an attack with no harm to anyone and ...

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