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Ethiopia: New report shows progress in expanding HIV treatment

ESAT News (December 11, 2018) A new report released in connection with the World AIDS day shows Ethiopia has shown significant progress toward achieving epidemic control. “70% of HIV-positive adults in urban Ethiopia are virally suppressed. This encouraging result is close to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) target of achieving viral suppression of 73% by 2020,” according ...

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Ethiopia: Social stigma hinders successful treatment of children with HIV

ESAT News (December 14, 2017) Children living with HIV in Ethiopia are at high risk of receiving inadequate treatment – or no treatment at all – on account of deeply rooted prejudice, according to a study published in News Medical. The most considerable risk can be found among very small children, who do not receive proper treatment right away, according ...

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Ethiopia: Spread of HIV/AIDS reaches epidemic levels

ESAT News (October 18, 2017) The spread of HIV in Ethiopia has reached epidemic levels as 27,000 people are infected with the virus every year, according to a conference organized to discuss the status of HIV/AIDS in the country. 19,000 people die of AIDS every year in Ethiopia with percentage of infections in some areas reaching 25%. Nationwide, 1.8 percent ...

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