Ethiopia: Blue Party urges new PM to work for formation of elected gov’t

by Engidu Woldie

ESAT News (April 4, 2018)

One of Ethiopia’s opposition party, the Blue Party, called on the newly elected Prime Minister to give priority to bring together all opposition parties and civic organizations at home and in the Diaspora to arrive at a national consensus and pave the way for the formation of a government elected by the people.

In a statement issued today, the party said, in line with his promises at the inaugural speech that expressed willingness to work with the opposition, the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, must release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

It said the reimposition of a state of emergency cannot be an answer and a solutions to the demands by the people and public disobedience.

“We call on the Prime Minister, in the first few days of his office, to lift the state of emergency,” the statement by the Blue Party said.

It further said that the justice and electoral institutions, which have been under the thumb of the regime, needed to be newly formed.

The Blue Party also said it would be the responsibility of the the Prime Minister to work for the resettlement of citizens displaced from their homes as a result of a crisis, which the party said was created due to negligence and maladministration by the regime.

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