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Ethiopia: Conference calls on regime to desist from instigating ethnic conflicts

ESAT News (September 24, 2017) A two day conference in Washington, DC that deliberated on building democratic institutions in Ethiopia demanded the regime to desist from hatching up conflict between ethnic groups in the country. The conference that was held on Saturday and Sunday with the title “Ethiopia on a dangerous course” also deliberated on the critical issues in the ...

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Ethiopia: Conference on building democratic institution kicks off in DC; H. Res. 128 to be presented before U.S. Congress for vote

    ESAT News (September 23, 2017) A two day conference on “building democratic institutions in Ethiopia” kicked off today in Washington, DC where scholars from a spectrum of professions will discuss on study papers on issues such as U.S. policy towards the Horn of Africa, the role of Diaspora in building democracy in Ethiopia as well as corruption, public ...

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