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Ethiopia: PM says country suffers from forex crunch

ESAT News (April 17, 2018) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister says his country has faced serious foreign cur crunch and called on Diaspora Ethiopians to lift their embargo on remittances they send home to their families. Abiy Ahmed was speaking to businessmen in the capital on Monday. He said the foreign currency crisis was so serious that the country cannot bounce back ...

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Ethiopia: Activists held cyber campaign on remittances embargo

ESAT News (February 7, 2017) Ethiopian activists in the Diaspora today held a one day social media campaign to encourage compatriots continue the embargo on remittances send to the country. Organizers of the campaign believe remittance was one of the ways the regime sustains itself to cling to power. The hashtag motto “StarveTheTPLFBeast” was being widely shared on Facebook and ...

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