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Amb. Girma Birru may not return home due to allegations of corruption: sources

ESAT News (August 14, 2017) Ethiopia called five ambassadors but its special envoy, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the United States, Girma Birru may not return home at a time when the regime is cracking down on corruption and arresting officials suspected of high level embezzlement, according to ESAT’s sources who allege that the ambassador has a stake in a ...

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TPLF assigns senior members of the Front to ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions

  ESAT News (June 22, 2016) Ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions in most of the countries with significant diplomatic ties to Ethiopia have now been taken by senior members of the TPLF, it was learnt. The minority regime is replacing Ambassadors and diplomats from other ethnic groups with Tigrians. According to sources, Girma Biru, an Oromo, and ambassador of the ...

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