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USAID suspends food aid in Southern Ethiopia

ESAT News (December 12, 2018) The United States Aid for International Development (USAID) says it had to suspend its food aid program in Southern Ethiopia due to ethnic violence in the area. USAID Ethiopia director, Leslie Reeds told the Ethiopian Television that the suspension will affect 140,000 recipients of food aid in Kercha, Bule Hora and Gelana areas. Last week, ...

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Ethiopia: Nearly 8 million people need emergency food aid

ESAT News (March 14, 2018) About 8 million people need emergency food, cash or non-food assistance, Ethiopian regime and its humanitarian partners announced yesterday. The joint announcement made on ReliefWeb says the country needs US$1.66 billion to help 7.88 million people with emergency food or cash and non-food assistance, mainly in the southern and south-eastern parts of the country. “Continuing ...

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