Ethiopians abroad urged to contribute to trust fund to help country

ESAT News (July 18, 2018)

As part of a challenge by a new Prime Minister to Ethiopians abroad to spend a dollar a day to help their people back home, the Ethiopian government has set up the Diaspora Trust Fund Account.

The Diaspora Trust Fund Account number and list of money transfer companies were announced today, urging Ethiopians abroad to respond to a call for help by their Prime Minister. A website would also be launched for the Trust Fund, it was learnt.

In a parliamentary speech, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed few weeks ago challenged Ethiopians abroad to spend a dollar day to finance development projects for the poor. It is also hoped the contribution by the Diaspora Ethiopians would help ease the forex crunch facing the country.

The Prime Minister hoped if 1 million Ethiopians abroad contribute a dollar a day, 30 million dollars a month could build a high school or a health center in areas of the country where education and access to health services were lacking.