Ethiopia: Several injured in ethnic attack in Awassa, Wokitie

ESAT News (June 13, 2018)

Several people were reportedly injured in ethnic attacks in Awassa, Southern Ethiopia and Wolkitie, a town sitting 93 miles southwest of Addis Ababa.

The scene in Wolkitie today

Information reaching ESAT show several people were injured when a cultural festivity turned violent in Awassa, 175 miles South of the Addis Ababa, and considered a regional capital in Southern Ethiopia.

Sources say party goers at the celebration of change of seasons by the Wolayta, known as Fichie Chenbelala, were chanting slogans demanding the Wolayta be given regional status and self administration. Reports say some party goers attacked people from other ethnic groups in the heat of the celebrations.

Meanwhile, homes and vehicles were set ablaze in Wolkitie town in clashes between the Qebena and Gurage groups. Both sides claim the town belongs them and demand that the other should leave the town.

Soccer rivalry between the two sides did not help the situation. Businesses remained closed today in Wolkitie.