Ethiopia confirms 46 nationals drowned on Yemen’s shore

ESAT News (June 12, 2018)

Ethiopia has confirmed today that the forty-six migrants that drowned off the coast of Yemen last week were its nationals.

Forty-six Ethiopians drowned last Wednesday when their vessel capsized in high waves as it approached Yemen’s shore, according to the International Organizations for migration (IOM).

A statement by the Communication Affairs Office said today that the government had contacted the IOM and its Embassies and confirmed that the 46 migrants that drowned on Wednesday were Ethiopians.

The office said fifteen people were still missing, but did not say if they were Ethiopians. The IOM last week said sixteen migrants who remain missing were presumed dead.

The UN Migration Agency said last week that the 37 men and 9 women were among the about 100 migrants crammed onto a smuggler’s boat that left the port of Bossaso, Somalia last Tuesday.

According to accounts of survivors, those who drowned were without life jackets and they were pitched headlong into the rough sea when high waves struck close to the shore.

“The Gulf of Aden’s shameful migration tragedy is one that is hidden in plain sight,” said Mohammed Abdiker, Director of Department of Operations and Emergencies.

“Over 7,000 poor migrants take this perilous journey every month; some 100,000 took it just last year. They are treated appallingly and go through horrendous conditions. This has to end,” he added.