Three killed in Ethiopia’s Somali region amid growing protests

ESAT News (May 8, 2018)

Security forces have shot and killed three people in Togwochalle town in Eastern Ethiopia while two others were injured in Shinille Zone in clashes with the local police.

Protests in the Somali region began two weeks ago when the regional president Abdi Illey dissolved his cabinet and appointed his relatives an clan members in all positions.

Todays killing came after days of street protests against the administration of Illey whom the people accused of mal administration, corruption and nepotism.

Dozens of people have been detained by the regional police force since the crisis egan two weeks ago.

Jamal Diiryie Khalif, chairman of the Somali Activists Network told ESAT that there is no region where protests have not been held against the administration of Abdi Illey.

He said among other things, protesters were demanding for the closure of Jail Ogaden and other camps where hundreds of dissidents have been held in inhuman conditions.

Meanwhile, at least three people were killed in the ongoing clashes between the Garee of the Somali clan and the Oromo in Moyale town, Southern Ethiopia.

The recent violence began on Sunday when police for the Somali region, known as Liyou Police, and members of the the Garre tribe opened fire at a police station manned by the Oromo police force.