Security forces kill eleven protesters in Somali region of Ethiopia

ESAT News (May 16, 2018)

Somali region Liyou police and militia in Eastern Ethiopia have shot and killed eleven people yesterday as protest against the regional president and his administration intensified.

The killings took place in the towns of Bussa and Lagahida in Fiik zone. Nine of the victims are women. Three members of one family were also among the victims.

So far, twenty lives have been lost in the month long protest in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Residents accused that Somali region Liyou police and militia have perpetrated the killings on orders of the regional president Abdi Illey, whom they accused of corruption, nepotism and abuse of power.

Abdi Illey dissolve the regional cabinet a month ago and replaced all positions with his relatives and clan members drawing protest and condemnation all across the Somali region.

Protests have gained momentum since last week after an activist, a woman, was allegedly hanged to death in Kabr Dahar by forces aligned with Abdi Illey. Taysiir Mohammed was an activist and a representative of Women in Kabri Dahar.

Over one thousand protesters have so far been detained in the month long protest.

Illey, who is accused of maladministration, has allegedly kept close ties with corrupt army generals engaged in contraband trade. Protesters are calling Mr. Illey to step down.