Town of Jijiga, Dire Dawa join protests in Eastern Ethiopia

ESAT News (April 27, 2018)

Businesses were closed and transportations disrupted in the Eastern commercial town of Jijiga as residents joined protest against the administration of the regional president Abdi Illey.

Protest demonstrations against the regional president drew momentum on Tuesday when Abdi Illey fired his deputy, Abdihakim Igal, sparking street protests in Shilnille, his constituent and the base of his clan.

Over 50 protesters were arrested today in Shinelle for wearing t-shirts with photos of the newly elected Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, showing the protest has a more political dimension. Authorities also shut down shops selling the tees. One person was injured and about 20 were arrested on Tuesday.

Following Friday’s prayers, residents of Dire Dawa have also chanted slogans against the administration of Illey.

Illey dissolved his parliament on Tuesday and appointed his relatives and in-laws. People in the Somali region accused him of maladministration and his forces of killings, torture and rape. Illey’s opponents say he keeps close relationship with regime’s generals and the powers that be in Addis Ababa making their fight to depose him was an uphill battle.