More killings reported in ethnic clashes in Southern Ethiopia

ESAT News (April 16, 2018)

Information reaching ESAT say ethnic clashes between the Guji and Gedeo communities in Southern Ethiopia has continued with more killings reported today.


Sources told ESAT that the crisis began when the Gurji, who are ethnic Oromos, began celebrating the appointment of the new Prime Minister, an Oromo, with celebratory gunshots and looked down on the Gedeo, who are non Oromos.

ESAT cannot independently verify the figures but some sources say at least 10 people were killed in Bule Hora town. Several houses were also set ablaze.

The sources also said federal security and police that is visibly present in the area have done nothing to stop the killings. Several people have also injured and checked into the local hospital.

Thousands have also been displaced.

Two years ago, thirty people were killed in clashes between the two communities.