Ethiopia: More Agazi forces deployed to protesting regions, universities

ESAT News (January 1, 2018)

As protests against TPLF continues in several towns and universities across the nation, the TPLF regime is deploying additional Agazi forces to quell growing objection against it misrule.

While students of several universities continue protesting the regime and boycotting classes, 50 students of the Adama University have been arrested and taken to undisclosed location, according to information provided to ESAT by students. Eighteen other students have reportedly been dismissed. The students were also protesting the presence of Agazi forces in their campuses for the last two weeks.

Students say the arrest and dismissal have targeted ethnic Oromo and ethnic Amhara students.

Students of Bule Hora University in Southern Ethiopia continued boycotting classes demanding the removal of Agazi forces from their campuses.

More forces have moved into Gelila, a small town in Eastern Wollega. Witnesses say three trucks load of Agazi forces have moved into the town where residents have been denouncing the TPLF regime. Residents of Shambu, also in Wollega, have continued denouncing the regime.