Ethiopia: University students continue protest, boycott classes

ESAT News (December 18, 2017)

Students in a number of Universities in Ethiopia have continued boycotting classes in protest against the TPLF regime and recent killings of at least 18 people in Chelenqo, Eastern Ethiopia, last Monday.

At least 15 students of Dire Dawa University were injured as Agazi forces entered their campuses and beat them up. Students of Dire Dawa University said they are also protesting to show their solidarity with students of other universities in the country who have boycotted classes to protest the TPLF regime.

Classes have been disrupted in a number of Universities in the Amhara and Oromo regions and the majority of students have left their campuses.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Tilaye Getu, admitted that classes have been disrupted in 20 of the 36 Universities in the nation.