Ethiopia: Medrek calls on EPRDF to step down

ESAT News (December 22, 2017)

The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek) said the ruling EPRDF is unable and unwilling to resolve the multifaceted problems facing the country and the people and hence should resign from power.

Medrek said in a statement yesterday that the all-round political and economic crisis in the country was a result of misrule and repression by the EPRDF coalition, which is dominated and spearheaded by the TPLF.

The statement by the party also called on the people of Ethiopia to continue pressuring the regime to step down.

Medrek in its statement cited the ethnic clashes between the Somali and Oromo communities that resulted in the loss of lives and displacement of hundreds of thousands, which the party described as a human catastrophe. It also cited the displacement of about 7,000 Sidamas in the south.

It also recalled the ongoing protest in universities that is calling for the regime to step down.

The ruling party must step down to salvage the country which otherwise plunges into a deep abyss, Medrek says.