Ethiopia: University students leave campus in protest

Metu University

ESAT News (November 20, 2017)

University students in the east, south and south west of Ethiopia continue to leave their campuses en mass protesting the intervention of the regime in their academic as well as daily lives.

Students of Haromaya University in Eastern Ethiopia have reportedly left their campus today after their demands to the school administration fell on deaf ears. One of the demand by the students was to banish a so called “peace forum,” which they said was a group set by the regime to spy on them.

The students also demand the military to leave their campus. Reports say several students were injured when the military entered the Haromaya campus and beat them last Wednesday.

Students of Bule Hora in Southern Ethiopia have also left their campus saying operatives sent by the regime were trying to instigate ethnic conflict. The student also demand to speak to regional authorities on the displacements of hundreds of thousands of Oromos from the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Similarly, students of Gambella and Metu Universities have also left their campuses demanding the removal of spies and the military from their campuses.