Ethiopia: Regime warns students over protest against its misrule

Some of the students of Metu University leaving their campus in protest on Monday

ESAT News (November 16, 2017)

The Minister of Education today warned students over holding any protest rally against the regime.

University students especially those in the Oromo region of the country have been protesting against the minority regime calling for its demise. The students demand political and economic rights for everyone, which they said is now available only to the selected few.

Students of Ambo and Metu Universities have been staging protest rallies against the regime for several weeks now.

The students are also worried that regime cadres and operators who are disguised as students are spying on them. The operatives are also engaged in pitting one ethnic group against the other, according to a student who spoke to ESAT.

The minister, Tilaye Gete, says his government will take legal action against those taking part in protests.