Ethiopia: Redemption of country should be priority, say exiled labor union leaders

ESAT News (November 2, 2017)

Ethiopian former labor confederation leaders in exile said the focus now should be the redemption of the country from TPLF’s divisive and destructive policies, but not revising labor laws.

The former labor leaders in exile issued a statement in connection with labor laws promulgated by the regime that violates the rights to association and other workers rights. They called the laws “slavery laws.” They say issues of workers rights would be resolved when there is a government in place that respects rights of all citizens.

Speaking to ESAT, former confederation leader, Hailu Hurgessa said the multifaceted problems related to labor and workers rights in the country would be addressed when there is a democratic governance in place and rule of law prevails.

One of the labor laws recently put out by the regime proclaims a person’s ethnic background will be taken into consideration in hiring decisions to “balance ethnic representation at work places” which critics say has ignored and violates merit based employment.

The labor confederation leaders say the laws curb on the rights of workers but the solution is to get rid of the undemocratic government and the redemption of the country.

The Confederation of Ethiopian Labor Unions has recently threatened to call a strike if the powers that be refused to revise the laws.