Ethiopia: Chinese factory, several buildings set ablaze as protest against TPLF continues

ESAT News (November 10, 2017)

Protests continued against the TPLF regime in East and West Shewa as several buildings were reduced to rubble.

In Minjar Shenkora, North Shewa, protesters burnt a Chineses chipwood factory and disrupted a meeting by regime officials.

Protesters in Chefe Donso, in East Shewa set ablaze courts, government offices, as well as the town’s municipality and several other buildings to vent their anger against a repressive regime.

Reports also say scores of protesters have been detained.

An ammunition depot near Chefe Donso is being heavily protected by regime security.

Students of Metu University in Illubabor staged a protest rally yesterday. The students were chanting slogans denouncing the ethnic and divisive policies of the regime.