Ethiopia: Protesters in towns surrounding Addis Ababa denounce TPLF

ESAT News (October 17, 2017)

Residents in towns near the capital Addis Ababa continued anti-government protests on Tuesday and called for the end to TPLF rule.

Businesses and schools were closed in Chancho, 32 miles outside Addis Ababa after the killing of two residents on Monday by the Agazi forces of the regime.

In Fiche, 53 miles from the capital, protesters burnt tires and blocked roads hindering transportations in and out of the town. Residents who spoke to ESAT said there was a huge turnout of protesters in Fiche who demand the removal of the regime.

Protests also continued in Sululta, Chancho, Muketuri, Gebreguracha and other towns.

Over a dozen people were killed since protests resumed last week in the country’s Oromo region.