Killings, displacement continue in Eastern Ethiopia as violence intensifies

Photo from social media showing displaced Oromos in Chinaksen

ESAT News (September 14, 2017)

Officials of the Oromo and Somali regional administrations traded accusations and counter accusations amid the death of scores of people on both sides in a new wave of violence.

The Somali administration said in a statement that in Aweday town alone, a commercial hub in Eastern Ethiopia, over 50 Somalis were killed in the last few days, while an official with the Oromo administration told ESAT that about 12,000 Oromos have been evicted from Jijiga. Clashes also flared up while the Oromos were on their way to Harar and they were attacked by the Somali Liyou Forces, according to the official. Twelve people were killed from the Somali side in a counter attack by the Oromos.

What began as a turf dispute between the two communities has now grown into deadly violence.

Analysts fear the worst in the East African country where ethnic politics has been the guiding principle of a regime known for its abysmal human rights record. Indifference by the regime in the face of deadly violence, the analysts say, tantamount to complicity.

Demonstrations were held in the labyrinth city of Harar, where according to information received by ESAT, the Agazi forces of the regime killed one person.

The violence has also spread to Somaliland where reports reaching ESAT show the Oromos were under attack and unknown number of people are feared to have been killed.