Police found body of an Ethiopian missing in a lake in Seattle

ESAT News (July 25, 2017)

Police in Seattle on Monday found the body of an Ethiopian man, Yetbarek Demoze, who was reported missing Sunday morning in a lake. Yetbarek Demoze, 36, was well known among the Ethiopian community for his kindness and community service.

He was on a boat with friends when he jumped into the lake and drowned.

“As a community we are heartbroken,” his friend Shakespeare Feyissa told KOMO news. “When anything happens in our community (Demoze) is the first one to lend a helping hand, to donate money, to be there for all of us.”

“He’s very close to me. Like a brother to me,” said Feyissa, who said Demoze was supposed to pick him up Sunday morning and be with the group on the boat.

The report said family and friends have identified the body as that of Demoze while the medical examiner’s office is expected to do an autopsy.