Forty Ethiopian rounded up in Kenya for illegal entry

ESAT News (June 8, 2017)

Kenyan media reported that forty Ethiopians were rounded up in a house in Kayole on Thursday for being in the country illegally.

The Star reported that the Ethiopians aged between 10 and 25 , could not speak English or Kiswahili, but told police through a translator that they were headed for South Africa.

According to the report the Ethiopians said they had arrived on Monday, having paid an agent who was organising the trip. Police said they had no documentation from relevant immigration authorities.

Police are looking for the agent as they investigate the matter.

The Ethiopians are currently held in police station and will be brought before a court, the report said.

Unemployment and political persecution force Ethiopians to leave their country en masse. Economic and political alienation by an oligarchy is pervasive in Ethiopia, where on top of poverty and repression, famine is threatening the lives of some 10 million people.