Ethiopia: Spread of cholera in the Amhara region affects hundreds

Photo: NY Times

ESAT News (June 9, 2017)

Over 250 people have reportedly fell victim to the cholera epidemic in 12 localities in the Amhara region, reports reaching ESAT reveal.

The World Vision warned on Monday that cholera outbreak in the Horn of Africa is likely to worsen after recent rains, as 1,400 deaths have already been reported since January 2017.

Cases of cholera outbreak in the Amhara region have been reported in North and South Gondar, as well as West Gojam affecting 252 people.

Ethiopian regime officials, including the newly minted Director General of WHO Tedros Adhanom have refused to call the outbreak Cholera and have been playing down the extent of the scourge.

The report by the World Vision is perhaps the first by an agency to call and declare the disease ‘cholera.’

700 deaths have been reported in the Somali region of Ethiopia, a region most affected by the outbreak.It is difficult to determine the extent of the crises as the Ethiopian regime has denied media and agencies access to the region.


The Ethiopian regime has been accused of covering up at least three outbreaks of cholera in the past; and the latest outbreak is feared to have threatened the lives of millions, who also face the risk of starvation.