Ethiopian shop owner burnt alive in South Africa


ESAT News (April 17, 2017)

An Ethiopian shop owner was torched alive on Saturday outside Eastern Capetown.

He died after his container spaza shop was set alight while he was sleeping inside it, the report by SABC said.

According to the report  the perpetrators put gas cylinders and tyres around the container, poured petrol on it and set it alight.

The Ethiopian has been running his business in the area only for a month.

The motive for the killing is still unknown but police said they cannot rule out the possibility of business competition as the primary cause of the attack.

The Somali Association of South Africa has condemned the killing of the Ethiopian shop owner.

Thousands of Ethiopians call South Africa home fleeing their country for better economic opportunities.

Xenophobic attacks in recent years in South Africa has caused the death of several Africans who are generally resented by the locals.