Ethiopia: Officials arrested for exposing drought, cholera in Somali region


ESAT News (April 26, 2017)

Regime security forces have arrested two former officials of the Somali region of Ethiopia for exposing the drought and the cholera outbreak that is ravaging the region.

Mubashir Dubadi former head of finance in Somali region and Muhammed Mahmmed former head of communications affairs were arrested on Tuesday in Addis Ababa and taken to a detention center in Jigjiga, the regional capital. It was learnt that the arrest was a joint operation by the Somali special forces and federal intelligence operatives.

Similarily, sources told ESAT that Roda Haji, a resident in the region, who gave an interview for the Somali Service of the Voice of America on the drought and cholera in the region, was detained by security forces. Roda told the VOA that her mother and two children have fallen victims to the disease outbreak.

The sources also said it was impossible to know extent of the drought and disease outbreak in the Somali region as the regime doesn’t allow the media or any observers.

The Somali region is the most affected region by the current drought and a cholera outbreak that is affecting some 5.6 million people.