Ethiopia: Gov’t pressing prisoners of conscience for pardon


Eskinder Nega with wife Serkalem Fasil and Nafkot, who was born in jail.

ESAT News (March 8, 2017)

The Ethiopian regime is reportedly pressuring prisoners of conscience to ask for pardon in return for release from jail.

Sources say authorities have sent mediators to prominent journalist Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage, a leading member of the Andinet party and another member of the party, Natnael Mekonnen to convince the prisoners to ask the government for pardon.

The prisoners have reportedly rejected the offer saying they have committed no crime and they would not ask for pardon.

The wife of Eskinder Nega, Serkalem Fasil, who lives in the U.S. in exile told ESAT that her husband has committed no crime and he would not ask for pardon. She said this is not the first time that the regime has pressed her husband and other political prisoners to seek pardon.

Serkalem said it is customary that the regime solicit pardon from political prisoners when it feels it is in a deep crisis.