Gambella: Thirty killed, over 100 children abducted in cross border raid


ESAT News (February 28, 2017)

The Murle of South Sudan continued their cross border raid into the Gambella region of Ethiopia killing 30 Anyuaks and abducting 106 children in the last six months.

Last Sunday, four Anyuaks were killed and four children were kidnapped in a cross border attack by the Murle clan South Sudan. Three weeks earlier, according to sources, 8 Anyuaks were killed while 16 children were abducted.

The Anyuaks say their appeal for protection to the federal government fell on deaf ears. As a result, they say, the cross border attacks have continued unabated.

In April 2016, 208 people were killed and over 100 children were kidnapped in a cross border raid by the Murle. Some 50 children were returned.