Ethiopia: Mother of jailed journalist pleads with authorities


Fnayae Yirdachew, mother of Temesgen Desalegn

ESAT News (January 4, 2017)

Fnayae Yirdachew, the mother of prominent journalist, Temesgen Desalegn, pleaded with authorities to allow her visit the journalist serving a three year sentence on trumped up charges of defamation.

In an open letter sent to higher officials of the government, including the prime minister, the mother said she was seriously concerned about the safety and health of her son.

The journalist, who is suffering from chronic back pain and gastritis was taken to the Batu Hospital last week.

Temesgen Desalegn has served two of the three year sentence after being accused of cooked up defamation charges.

One of the leading jailer of journalists in the world, the Ethiopian regime had put sixteen journalists behind bars, accusing them of terrorism and other cooked up crimes.