Ethiopia: Eight soldiers killed in a fight with guerilla groups


ESAT News (January 6, 2017)

Eight regime soldiers have reportedly been killed in a fight with guerrilla groups operating in western Ethiopia.

A human rights activist for the Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, Halid Nassir confirmed to ESAT the ongoing fight between regime forces and guerrilla groups operating in the area.

Nassir said 12 people have been detained following the fight on Thursday and Friday. He also said security forces have been arresting and taking several people to Assosa in the last few days. Nassir said over 1000 people have been detained without due process of law.

The Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement claims a total of 51 regime soldiers have been killed in recent fights. Head of the Movement Abdulahi Aladih said civilians have also been killed in the recent fights but did not say how many.

The Ethiopian regime is facing armed resistance in all directions. There have been reports of fighting in northern Ethiopia where both the government and guerilla fighters claiming to have the upper hand.