Security forces kill three as mass arrests continue in North Gondar

ESAT News (November 16, 2016)ethiopia-stampede

A member of the “command post,” a military unit setup to oversee the state of emergency declared by the regime in Ethiopia, killed three people in north Gondar.

An armed member of the command post in Dabat town, north Gondar, shot and killed two individuals for allegedly blocking a road in protest. Nigat Misganaw also shot and killed a local police officer, Sitotaw Abuhay, who was trying to stop the killing of the two individuals.

Misganaw took the two individuals out of the prison they were detained and shot and killed them. He also shot the police officer, Abuhay, who returned fire and injured the alleged killer. Misganaw is reportedly receiving treatment at a hospital.

The martial law declared in Ethiopia gives the power to security forces and authorities to arrest and kill anyone at their will.

Meanwhile, security forces continued to mass arrest people deemed dissenters in the Amhara region.

Several people have reportedly been arrested in Wolkait, north Gondar, where an uprising began this summer against an illegal annexation of places in north Gondar to the Tigray region.

Thousands have been rounded up and thrown in jail in Ethiopia after the declaration of the state of emergency in october.