Canadian MP urges his government to step up pressure on Ethiopian regime

ESAT News (November 15, 2016)

A member of the Canadian parliament said on Tuesday that the Canadian government needs to tell the Ethiopian regime that the status quo in the country is not acceptable.

In an interview with ESAT, Alex Nuttall, a conservative member of the House of Commons of Canada said his government need to tell the Ethiopian regime that it needs to respect the rule of law and principles of democracy.

“We can’t bounce around whether we believe that human right abuses are taking place in Ethiopia. We can’t just keep talking nice things. We need to tell the Ethiopian regime that what’s happening is not right. That the regime needs to respect the Ethiopian people, respect the rule of law and principles of democracy that Ethiopia needs to be built on,” Nuttall told ESAT.

Nuttall, who said human rights abuses in Ethiopia concerns him greatly, noted that democracy is the only way to move forward to a peaceful Ethiopia. “We want Ethiopia to be a stable country in Africa but stability cannot be built killing and torturing people. Stability must be built on the kernels of democracy and rule of law,” he said.

Nuttall disclosed that he will soon initiate and present a petition to require the Canadian government to ask the Ethiopian regime to stop its human rights abuses.

He encouraged Ethiopians in Canada and around the world to talk to their elected representatives to bring light to the human rights abuses perpetrated by the regime in Ethiopia.

Mr. Nuttall last week urged his government to monitor the crises in Ethiopia with concern and ensure human rights are protected in the east African country.

In October, Mr. Nuttall challenged the praise by the Liberal Parliamentary Secretary for International Development who described Ethiopia as a “sea of stability in a dangerous region.”

“Despite the fact that their own Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa couldn’t return home after he crossed his arms at the finish line to protest the Ethiopian regime. Does this Liberal government believe that a government that imprisons, tortures, and kills its own people, is a good government?” Mr. Nuttall said as he crossed his wrists showing members of the Parliament the defiant gesture used by Ethiopians who are protesting a tyrannical regime.

Mr. Nuttall continues to challenge the parliament on the indifference and lack of action of the Canadian government on the ruthless regime in Ethiopia which Canada regards as partner.