BREAKING Ethiopia: Reports of gun battle in north Gondar


File photo of newly trained Patriotic Ginbot 7 forces

ESAT News (November 17, 2016)

Reports say there has been heavy fighting between regime soldiers and freedom fighters in Kafta, Humera in north Gondar.

Representatives of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 in north Gondar, an armed group based in neighboring Eritrea fighting the regime in Ethiopia, say the group has been attacking regime forces in north Gondar for the last one week. Patriotic Ginbot 7 also said it is also operating in various corners in the country.

Details are scanty but Patriotic Ginbot 7 forces have also claimed to have taken control of a mountainous area called Adebay Hill.

There have been reports of fighting for that last one week between TPLF/EPRDF forces on one side and Patriotic Ginbot 7 and freedom fighters on the other, with the freedom fighters claiming to have caused considerable damage against regime forces.