Amhara regional council hands over the issue of Wolkait to Tigray

ESAT News (November 23, 2016)gedu-andargachew

To the indignation of the people of Wolkait, Tegede and Telemt, the newly formed regional council in the Amhara region determined that the demand by the people of Wolkait and others to be reintegrated with the Amhara region should be dealt by the Tigray region.

The council, which is dominated by the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), which was formed under the tutelage of the TPLF, described the struggle by the people in the region against the economic and political domination by the Tigrayan ruling elite and their cronies as a ploy orchestrated by “destructive forces.”

Gedu Andargachew, chairman of the council, reportedly called the people’s struggle against the Tigrayan brutal rule  as an attempt to overthrow the government, sources close to the council told ESAT.

Over three hundred people have reportedly been killed by TPLF’s security forces this summer when the people of Gondar and Gojam revolted against the tyrannical regime.

But Gedu Andargachew instead apologized to the Tigray region for an attack by protesters against a handful of Tigrayans who were spies of the regime and who collaborated with the Tigrayan security forces in perpetrating the killing of hundreds of Amharas.

The sources said Gedu called the protesters in the amhara region “anti peace forces,” which angered the people fighting to extricate themselves from Tigrayan ruthles regime.amhara-council