State of emergency is state of slavery, says Prof. Berhanu Nega


Prof. Berhanu Nega

ESAT News (October 17, 2016

The leader of an armed opposition group on Monday described the state of emergency declared last week by the regime in Ethiopia as “a state of slavery” imposed on the people of Ethiopia as it curtails all human, political and God given rights.

Professor Berhanu Nega, chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, an armed group based in Eritrea said in a video message that the rights prohibited by the state of emergency law in Ethiopia were already curtailed by the regime even before the declaration of the law.

He said the regime in power had already been violating the constitution and other laws in perpetrating extrajudicial killings, mass incarcerations, muzzling the press and liquidating opposition political parties, among other crimes.

There could be no political solution to the crises in the country when there is an emergency law put in effect, Prof. Berhanu said.

The professor said the emergency law was aimed at stopping the ongoing uprising in the country as well as the resistance launched by the people against the tyrannical regime in all corners of the country.

Ethiopians could live in freedom only when the tyrannical regime is done away with and replaced by a democratic government, the chairman said.