Strikes by businesses, government employees underway in Oromo towns ahead of the Ethiopian New Year

oromo businesses strike

(Photo obtained from social media)

By Engidu Woldie

ESAT News (September 7, 2016)

General strike by businesses and employees of government offices across towns in the Oromo region is underway restricting flow of goods and livestock ahead of the Ethiopian New Year on Sunday.

Businesses in Ambo and Guder, near the capital Addis Ababa, have been shut down since the weekend despite stern warning by authorities who vowed to issue a penalty of 5000 birr ($250 USD).

Authorities sealed the doors of businesses on strike in some of the towns.

Residents of the towns who spoke to ESAT said the strike was part of the uprising launched against the tyrannical regime which they said have imposed economic and political alienation on the Oromo people.

Transportation has been restricted in much of the Oromo region due to the strike and the markets in the capital Addis Ababa have been negatively affected as a result in this last week of the year according to the Ethiopian calendar.