ESAT launches Gofundme campaign to boost satellite service

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The Ethiopian Satellite TV and Radio is expanding its services and channels.  A truly grassroots nonprofit media outlet supportedgof by subscribing contributors and over 40 support groups in major cities around the globe,  ESAT broadcasts in Amharic, Afaan Oromo and English languages.

Currently ESAT broadcasts its programs using multiple technology platforms including satellite, phones and online. We have recently added a new satellite channel. Soon we will make an announcement on new and improved services on TV and smartphones, which will enable users to access our satellite TV broadcasts on ESAT’s apps.

ESAT has recently expanded its satellite transmissions with back-up channels and frequencies. Our satellite transmissions were temporarily interrupted nearly 20 times due to direct signal jamming by the TPLF regime and  indirect pressures on our partners.

With a huge additional cost, we have added more channels to withstand the relentless efforts to disrupt ESAT’s broadcasts to Ethiopia.

We call upon our supporters and anyone who believes in press freedom to donate to ESAT to boost its capacity in realizing our common dream for a free and prosperous Ethiopia. For the last six years, ESAT has been the main source of information to millions of Ethiopians all over the world in the face of repressions and tyranny.

Together, we shall prevail!

Our broadcasts are  currently available on the following satellite TV   frequencies:

Downlink 12034H
Symbol 27500

Fec 3/4

Telstar T12
Downlink Frequency 12550
Transponder TXP K33
Symbol Rate 4.411
Position QPSK DVB-S

Fec 2/3

Telstar T12
Downlink Frequency 12526.8
Transponder TXP K33
Symbol Rate 3824
Position QPSK DVB-S

Fec 2/3

Frequency 11013 MHZ
Symbol rate 27500
Fec 5/6

(Audio/ no image transmission)