Regime says armed individuals backed by Eritrean based opposition groups kill three security operatives

ESAT News (July 13, 2016)


ESAT News (July 13, 2016)

Amid reports of clashes in Gondar town between residents and TPLF forces in which ten people, including four members of the forces were killed, the regime’s anti-terrorism taskforce said in a statement that it had apprehended individuals whom it said had killed three of its security operatives in a separate incident in north Gondar.

In a statement broadcasted by the media outlets of the regime, the joint taskforce, which is comprised of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Federal Police, blamed Eritrean based opposition groups for directing and enabling the attack against the security forces.

The statement said two armed individuals had shot and killed the two regime operatives, while five others sustained injuries.

The statement did not say how many suspects were apprehended in the operation on Tuesday in Tegede Woreda of north Gondar.

There have been a number of reports of deadly clashes between regime forces and the people of north Gondar for the past several months. The TPLF regime has been putting the blame on Eritrea and Ethiopian opposition groups based in that country.