Ethiopian farmers kill five Sudanese soldiers

ESAT News (July 5, 2016)
Ethiopian farmers in Tach Armacheho, North Gondar, reportedly killed five Sudanese soldiers following an incursion by the Sudanese into Ethiopian farmlands.
An Ethiopian farmer, Godana Amde, was killed in the battle on Saturday that was sparked by the incursion and burning of an Ethiopian farm by the Sudanese soldiers who crossed the Guang River and carried out the incursion. Godana had reportedly inflicted the heaviest causality in the fight with the Sudanese soldiers.
The Ethiopians also seized three kalashnikovs and an artillery. The Ethiopian farmers were able to repulse the attack and push back the Sudanese soldiers, according to local sources.
The burial of Godana Amde was held in Godar town.
Ethiopian farmers in the area were irate that the Ethiopian regime soldiers who were nearby did not take any action against the incursion by the Sudanese. The farmers believe there was a collusion between the Ethiopian regime forces, who are already at loggerheads with them, and the Sudanese soldiers.
The Sudanese government has recently deployed its military along the border. The Ethiopian regime had given away large tracts of farmland to the Sudan, but Ethiopian farmers have refused to leave their ancestral land and have vowed to defend their land.