Two imprisoned Generals hospitalized after brutal beatings

gen. tefera mamo

Gen. Tefera Mamo

gen. asaminew_tsige

Gen. Asaminew Tsige

ESAT News (June 15, 2016)

Two Generals serving life sentences on trumped up charges by the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia have reportedly been hospitalized after they were brutally beaten by prison police.

Gen. Tefera Mamo and Gen. Asaminew Tsige were accused of being members of the then Ginbot 7, now Patriotic Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democracy, and accused of organizing a coup d’etat. The two were sentenced to life 8 years ago after the kangaroo court in Addis Ababa upheld the bogus charges by the regime.

According to sources the police brutally beat the two Generals saying they had brought in cell phones into the prison. The sources also said an Oromo journalist was also severely beaten by police in the same prison. The aunt of Gen. Tsige and her 14 year old child were also taken to custody for day and interrogated by the authorities without a court warrant.

The Generals and the other high brass officers imprisoned with them have been kept in a dark room and have been denied visitation by family and lawyers.

There have been several reports of beatings on the prisoners since their arrest 8 years ago.