TPLF abandoning bodies of its soldiers everywhere, causing psychological trauma on people in Somali region of Ethiopia


ESAT News (June 25, 2016)

Residents in the Somali region of Ethiopia said the TPLF regime is dumping the bodies of its soldiers who were killed in fighting in Somalia everywhere, inflicting a heavy psychological trauma on people in the region.

Some residents confided to ESAT that the bodies of soldiers killed in Baidoa, Mogadishu and other areas in Somalia were being loaded on trucks and dumped in many places on the border with Somalia. They said it was shocking to see wild animals making feast out of human bodies, which they said was a recurring scene in the border areas.

They said regardless of who they are whatever the circumstances, the bodies should have been buried with honor and respect that is given to fallen combatants.

Some residents have posted the photos of the fallen soldiers on social media in an attempt to draw attention to the issue and for the families of the soldiers to find closure to the unfortunate fate of their loved ones.

The TPLF regime has refused to disclose the number of its soldiers who lost their lives in Somalia since the end of 2006 when they first set their boot on Somalian soil.

A former fighter with TPLF and an ex commander of the air force, Abebe Teklehaimanot told local media recently that the TPLF does not have a culture of burying fallen comrades with honor, but instead leave bodies wherever they fall.