Seven intelligence operatives killed in the last few months


ESAT News (June 16, 2016)

Unknown assailants have killed seven intelligence operatives of the Ethiopian regime in the last four months, according to sources.

Three of the operatives: Zewdu Teklemariam, Sisay and Elias were intelligence operation coordinators for the Ethiopian regime in Somalia and the sources said their death could have an impact on the war against Al Shabaab.

Zewdu Teklemariam (alias Mohammed Oumer), Sisay (alias Khalid Ousman) and Elias (alias Teklay Woldegiorgis) were shot and killed in the towns of Harar, Adama and Debrezeit, creating panic among the security and military.

The operatives were working under Debretsion Gebremichael, the deputy prime minister who oversee matters of security and intelligence.

In addition, Temesgen, Kassa Gidey, Seid Shire and Gocha were also shot and killed by assailants.

Critics wonder if the killings were due to an infight within the security or an attack from outside forces yet not known to the regime.

The seven security operatives were members of the TPLF, the handful of Tigrayan clique ruling the nation of over a hundred million. Operatives belonging to other ethnic groups were put behind bars suspected of being the perpetrators of the killings.